Kevin Whitham and Hannah Lencheck have been friends for long enough to know each other’s food and beer preferences, to have a treasure trove of embarrassing stories about each other, and to start a business together with no hesitations. In 2016, they donned their dirtiest boots and pushed up their plaid sleeves to bring sustainable and simple composting services to the town they call home.



The Brains – Crosstown Compost was Kevin’s brainchild. No surprise there, given his advanced study of environmental management, his knack for business ideas and problem solving, and his handy knowledge of all the best driving routes in Bloomington (courtesy of a distinguished pizza delivery history). As the man with the plan, he truly made it possible to turn the business from an idea into reality.


The Brawn – She may be small, but she does big work with a shovel and IMG_2655pitchfork. Hannah has been composting for roughly 4 years now in one form or another. From her first farm apprenticeship, to her apartment in Bloomington, to managing several large scale systems for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard and dabbling in the study of soil ecology – she’s seen it all when it comes to compost.