What does this business do? It’s genuinely simple. We collect your kitchen scraps and use sustainable, tried-and-true methods to turn them into beautiful compost.


How does it work? Individuals or households can sign up for our composting services at any time. Services include weekly kitchen scrap pick up, with an option for monthly finished compost delivery. Love our services? You can sign on for an entire season to avoid the hassle of monthly payments. Click here to get signed up!


No, not the business structure – I meant how does the compost work? The simplest answer is that we take your kitchen scraps, chop them up, and mix them with dried, carbon rich materials. Over time, both the scraps and the carbon materials break down via aerobic decomposition into a finished compost that is rich in nutrients, trace minerals and microbial life.

The particular method we use is a stationary, open-bin composting system. We build large piles in open-air bins, and turn the working compost piles from bin to bin in order to keep it well aerated. This method has many benefits! It prevents compost from going anaerobic (the process that leads to smelly compost), it means fast production rates, and it allows for close inspection of every batch we produce, meaning we can guarantee our compost’s quality.

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If you’re curious for more details on our method, please feel free to email us at Crosstowncompost@gmail.com with questions!